CurlCap Becomes First Black Woman-Owned Apparel Company To Sell Licensed Disney Merchandise


May 20, 2022

The hats are one of the top selling items on Amazon!

CurlCap is making history as the first Black woman-owned apparel company to sell licensed Disney merchandise, WFLA reports.

Britney Crowell is the founder and CEO of CurlCap, an apparel company that sells satin-lined backless hats. Crowell came up with the design while trying to find a way for people with natural, thick hairstyles to fit their hair into a protective hat that was stylish.


“I had psoriasis for a while. It was so abrupt. I was taking a shower and washing my hair. It was shedding so bad, no shampoo, no product, it was just water hitting my scalp,” Crowell recalled. 

After pausing any product use to help tackle the psoriasis, Crowell was pretty limited in her hairstyle options, opting to wear her hair in a hat instead. 

“I took my dad’s old hats, cut them up and my Aunt Darlene taught me how to crochet. I made the product myself with my own hands,” explained Crowell. 


That’s when CurlCap was born, Crowell gaining support from her fiance and friends to launch the company. Today, the patented design is a favorite among those wearing natural hairstyles looking to fit their dad hats around braids, twists, locs and afro puffs. The CurlCap is an emulsion of culture and style and one of the top 10 hat sellers on Amazon with more than 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Etsy. She says her company is all about letting consumers know they are represented and fine just as they are.

“Representation is very important. It’s why some people don’t wear their hair a certain way. Your natural state is beautiful just the way it is. You can be ready, have your rod set, have your twist out, of course you are cute, you’re beautiful in your natural state,” said Crowell.

Photo Courtesy of CurlCap/WFLA


Now Crowell has partnered with Disney to create official CurlCap Disney merch, making history as the first Black woman-owned apparel company to ever have such a partnership. The hats are emblazoned with the signature Disney logo and characters and are already a hit with patrons, Crowell calling it a full circle moment.

“This entire journey has God all throughout it. The very first CurlCap picture was taken at Disney World with my fiancé and now we have official Disney merchandise, it’s incredible,”she said.

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To purchase your CurlCap which includes the new custom Disney designs, click here.  

Photo Courtesy of CurlCap/Instagram


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