8 Quotes by James Baldwin That Highlight the Boldness He Encouraged in Others


August 3, 2019

James Baldwin was a writer, playwright and activist whose work amplified and drew attention to the Black experience in America. Here are eight quotes that capture the brilliance, boldness and beauty he instilled in others through his words.

1. “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

2. “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”


3. “You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you.”

4. “The purpose of education…is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions.”

5. “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”


6. “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”

7. “Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it.”

8. “The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it.”


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