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Atlanta Parents Create Natural Hair Care Line For Black Boys Inspired By Their Son

Atlanta Parents Create Natural Hair Care Line For Black Boys Inspired By Their Son

Haircare fit for a king!

Cora Miller and her husband Stefan decided to create their line of hair care products specifically for Black boys after scouring the stores looking for ideal products for their son. Young King Hair Care is a plant-based natural line explicitly created for multicultural boys. Cora, a retired vice president for UnitedHealth Group, partnered with husband Stefan, a marketing expert, merging their talents to get the line up and running. For over a year, they conducted research, created products, facilitated consumer focus groups, and navigated product research and development. Now, the Young King Hair Care products are ready for market. 

"We wanted our brand and our products to be as unique and dynamic as our target audience. From the ingredients to the scent to the packaging design, we wanted to be thoughtful on formulating, sourcing and finalizing our initial product offerings in order to uniquely meet the needs of boys with textured hair," Stefan told Good Morning America (GMA).

"Our goal is to redefine male grooming for the next generation by encouraging boys to show up with full confidence and take pride in their self-care," Cora added. 

Young King Hair Care currently has several products, including shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, curling cream, and essential oils. Their three-step styling package, "The Royal Treatment," includes the cream, leave-in and oils, helping to stress the LOC method, something Stefan says is a proven technique for moisturizing and strengthening textured hair. They also have "The Crown Wash Set," which includes a shampoo and conditioner designed to cleanse, refresh and enhance the user's natural curls.

 All of the products are entirely natural and free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oils and other harmful ingredients, making them safe for adults and children. The couple said they use all of their products weekly on their son when it's wash day and hope that their story will help resonate with potential buyers while also inspiring boys to take their hair care seriously and be proud of their crowns. 

Photo Courtesy of Young King Hair Care

"[Our son] Kade has gotten so accustomed to getting his hair done now and he loves when mommy or daddy can make his curls' pop.' In fact, he even made up a song and dance where he talks about how poppin' his curls are. We are uplift[ing] and shining a light on an underrepresented community within the market. We firmly believe that representation is critically important for boys of color, especially given today's current climate," Cora said. 

The hair care founders have been selected as one of the top 10 of over 450 brands to participate in Target's accelerator program for emerging beauty brands. Thus far, the Millers have secured several retail partnerships and are looking forward to being sold in more stores soon. 

"As founders of Young King Hair Care and, more importantly, as parents of a growing Black boy, we want to change the narrative of how the world sees Black boys. We know our young kings are royally crafted, they are our future change-makers, and they will help make this world a better place," said Stefan.

To purchase your Young King Hair Care products, click here.  

Photo Courtesy of Young King Hair Care