Magic Johnson Invests In Black-Owned Natural Health Products


March 23, 2020

This is what our community needs!

Former NBA Superstar and business mogul, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, has invested in Naturade, a Black owned company that produces all natural health products, Black Enterprise reports.

Naturade has been producing plant based cough and cold formulas, soy protein powders and other health supplements for nearly 100 years. CEO Claude Tellis and chief marketing officer Kareem Cook acquired the company in 2012 and he’s partnering with the Hall of Famer to help expand the brand and mission. Johnson, along with Olympic gold medal winner, Grant Hill, both invested in the company with the hopes of providing access to quality health products in underserved communities. 


“I’ve followed Kareem and Claude’s journey for some time and their mission aligns well with my own passion to live a healthy lifestyle. I strongly believe in exercise and being intentional about what I eat and drink. Therefore joining Naturade was an easy decision. Together we are proving that if you offer people healthy products that taste good and can positively impact their well-being, they will make the changes necessary to improve their lives,” Johnson told WholeFoods Magazine. 

Cook and Tellis are seeking to highlight the overwhelming numbers of pre-diabetics in the country, despite the booming health industry. “There are 86 million prediabetics in this country according to the American Diabetes Association. The health supplement industry is a $13 billion industry and growing. The goal for most companies is to make money; they want to sell to the premium stores where they can sell a product for a high price and people will buy it. And that’s a great business model but it doesn’t solve the problem,” Cook said. 

Naturade is seeking to change that by ensuring that communities who need these products the most have access to them. “I grew up in the Bronx. Why should people in my family have to get on a bus and a train to get to a Whole Foods to buy these products when they should be able to go downstairs to a local store and have the same access? Magic understands that from his own business dealings. He proved people wrong so many times before, and this is an opportunity to prove people wrong again, and to make a successful business doing it,” said Cook.


Tellis said that Naturade is a “disruptive brand.” He and Cook are looking to prove that people in underserved communities place a premium on their health as well. And with a little bit of education and access to quality products, they too will invest in their wellness. Cook hopes that the added star power will help spread the word.

“Magic Johnson and Grant Hill and other people will be coming on board who are able to amplify the message because they have such strong followings. They have people look up to them and respect their decisions and the way they’re living their lives,” Cook said.

Naturade offers a variety of products for weight loss, energy and vitality, protein intake, immune and digestive health, as well as supplements for the whole family.


To learn more about their products visit www.naturade.com.

Photo Courtesy of Whole Foods Magazine

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