Founder of Self-Driving Vehicle Startup Is Working To Make Healthcare Services More Accessible


December 10, 2021

He’s revolutionizing the game!

The founder of a self-driving vehicle startup is looking to mobilize healthcare services, Black Enterprise reports. 

Frederick Akphoghene is the founder of JéGO Technologies, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures autonomous vehicles including self-driving pods that can be used to transport goods and services. A Nigerian immigrant, Akpoghene started his career in tech at just 16-years-old, eventually building and partnering with hundreds of companies and startups including Abovav Technologies and Oddio Tribe Holdings. 


Now, he’s launched his own company, “JéGO,” inspired by the African goddess of commerce. The company’s goal is to use its mobile platform to connect users with businesses that provide on-demand services like Flu Testing, COVID testing, IV therapy and other services which can be brought directly to customers using driverless JéGO pods. 

“JéGO is here to give entrepreneurs the space to compete and to give service providers the mobility to serve without the burden of large fixed costs like rent…This will lead to more money flowing into our communities as opposed to it flowing outwards to large corporations – because we are just as tired of that normalcy as you are,” said Akpoghene. 

With over 15 years of experience in tech development and software engineering, Akpoghene was able to design the patent-pending flagship prototype himself. His autonomous pods come at a time where commerce is ever-changing and retail businesses are still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the JéGO pods have already been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and have garnered a number of partnerships including one with a Miami-based Urgent Care Clinic. Akpoghene is launching the pilot area in Miami with the Clinic, mapping out the Pods course and connecting app users with urgent care services. 


“It’s clear now more than ever that people need and continue to need services on the go – starting with COVID testing. Join us in changing the world by building a new commerce infrastructure powered by JéGO Pods. We’re here to ensure the present and future growth of businesses and access to crucial care services throughout the pandemic and beyond,” said Akpoghene. 

Recently, Akpoghene launched a crowdfunding campaign via Start Engine to allow micro angel investors to support JéGO alongside major venture capitalists. The goal is for the pilot JéGO Pod to launch by Q3 2022 with pilots in multiple cities including Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles within the next five years as well as a fleet of over 100 driverless vehicles operating along various routes around the U.S., Europe and South Africa. 

While Akpoghene is starting his product launch with healthcare providers, the autonomous market is expected to reach $367 billion globally by 2030 and JéGO will eventually be open to all vendors looking to get their products and services directly to users and have already partnered with a local manufacturer to produce the Pods. 


To invest in JéGO, click here. 

Congratulations Frederick! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of BlackNews.com


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