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Here are Bernie Mac’s Funniest Moments That We’ll Never Forget

Here are Bernie Mac’s Funniest Moments That We’ll Never Forget

Who You Wit?!

Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on October 5, 1957, Bernie Mac was undoubtedly one of the greatest stand-up comedians of our generation. According to, Mac was born to a large family on Chicago’s South Side. He performed his first comedic routine when he was just 8 years old, impersonating his grandparents at a dinner in front of the church congregation. 

He lost his mother, brother, father, and grandmother at a young age and used laughter as a coping mechanism, leaning into the power of a joke. He got his start by telling jokes for change on Chicago’s subway, eventually landing his own variety show at Chicago’s Regal Theatre. In 1977, he joined the comedy club circuit. It would take him more than a decade to break through on the big screen, landing his first onscreen role in the 1992 Damon Wayans comedy Mo’Money. He would follow that up with more breakout roles such as the Pastor in Ice Cube’s 1995 cult classic, Friday, and in his recurring role as Uncle Bernie on Moesha. He was a regular during the 90s on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, a launching platform created by music mogul Russell Simmons that blazed a trail for a bevy of iconic comedians including Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle, and D.L. Hughley.  

In 2000, Mac gained international fame after his starring role in Spike Lee’s The Original Kings of Comedy. The Chicago comedic titan shared the stage on film alongside other comedy heavyweights like Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and Hughley. As a result of his glowing performance, Mac received his own show in 2001, The Bernie Mac Show. The series ran for five seasons until 2006, following the story of Mac as a dad to three adopted kids, a storyline based on his Kings of Comedy routine. The show earned Mac an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination and Mac continued to populate our screens on film and TV, starring in huge box office hits like Ocean’s Eleven, alongside George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Head of State alongside Chris Rock, Guess Who?, Ocean's Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen

An undisputed legend, Mac was responsible for breaking down doors for comedians. His unapologetic and brash delivery made him that much more relatable and resonated with audiences everywhere. A comedian’s comedian, he used his whole body to tell a joke, sometimes forcing you to double over in sheer laughter. One of one, there is absolutely no comedian who can deliver a performance with as much authenticity as Bernie Mac. He was a master craftsman at bringing you into his world and making you feel as if you were a part of the punchline.

On August 9, 2008, Mac passed away of pneumonia, leaving behind his wife of more than three decades, Rhonda, his daughter Je’Niece, and a host of family and friends. As we prepare to celebrate what would’ve been Mac’s 65th birthday, we reflect on his gigantic impact on the culture and all the laughs he left behind.  

In honor of The Mac, here are some of his most hilarious moments that we’ll never forget, courtesy of TikTok.

The one time he refused to help the homeless


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That time he chastised Jordan for denting his car


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When he explained to Nisi in B.A.P.S that it was his way or the highway


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The moment he mistook one of his children for an intruder


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The time Jordan could in fact NOT play the piano


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That time he had to give Frank and Dee some parenting advice


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When he fainted after seeing a rat


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Rest in peace to the late, great, Bernie Mac. Forever in our hearts!

Here are Bernie Mac’s funniest moments that we’ll never forget. Photo Courtesy of Margaret Norton/NBC Universal/Getty Images