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Stacey Abrams Announced a 2022 Run for Georgia Governor

Stacey Abrams Announced a 2022 Run for Georgia Governor

Stacey Abrams announced a 2022 run for Georgia governor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Abrams is a political powerhouse and staunch advocate for the people. She began her work in politics when she was elected to the Georgia General Assembly in the House of Representatives, later making history as the first woman and first Black person to serve as House Minority Leader in 2010. 

She would go on to begin fighting against voter suppression in 2014 with the launch of the New Georgia Project whose aim was to get Black Georgians registered to vote in the midterm elections. She went on to make a historic run for Georgia governor, losing by less than 1.4 percentage points in 2018 to now Gov. Brian Kemp. Instead of walking away, she doubled down by refocusing her efforts on voting advocacy, becoming a pivotal figure in turning red states blue through grassroots voting registration efforts, and the launch of Fair Fight Action. For her work, Abrams was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

“After witnessing the gross mismanagement of the 2018 election by the Secretary of State’s office, Abrams launched Fair Fight to ensure every American has a voice in our election system through programs such as Fair Fight 2020, an initiative to fund and train voter protection teams in 20 battleground states,” a statement via the website reads.  

Now, in a move long anticipated by local Democrats, Abrams announced she’s throwing her hat back in the ring, launching a campaign for Georgia governor again with a vow to “fight for economic equality and expand healthcare access.” She’ll face Kemp a second time and, if elected, she’ll become the first Black woman elected governor in U.S. history. 

Abrams, who grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi, remembers being rejected at the gates of the Georgia Governor’s Mansion as a high school student during an event that was honoring the top students in the state. 

“In front of the most powerful place in Georgia, telling me I don’t belong there, that’s resonated for me for the last 20 years. The reality is having a right to be places does not always mean that you’ll gain admission,” Abrams previously told CNN. 

Abrams took to social media to share her announcement via video, highlighting her work since her 2018 gubernatorial defeat, captioning it with a message that reads, “opportunity and success in Georgia shouldn’t be determined by your ZIP code, background or access to power.”


Her voice has been key in the battleground state over the last couple years, Abrams critiquing Kemp for his political stance, opposition to common sense voting rights, refusal to expand Medicaid and his overall response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Regardless of the pandemic or the storms, the obstacles in our way or the forces determined to divide us, my job has been to just put my head down and keep working toward one Georgia. Because in the end, we are one Georgia,” Abrams said in her video. 

Her 2018 defeat was a reminder to voters of the power of every last single vote! She will largely benefit from a turnout of Democratic voters that she helped galvanize, and there is also widespread support for Abrams from a unified Democratic Party with no other reputable Democratic contender in sight. 


If elected, Abrams plans to serve the full four-year term as governor. 


Congratulations Stacey! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Lowery/Variety