Largest Online Marketplace for Black Owned Businesses Just Launched Fulfillment Operations


June 12, 2020

Move on over Amazon!

We Buy Black, the largest online marketplace to find Black owned businesses, just announced that they are now offering distribution of products as well, according to their site. 

The new product fulfillment operations seek to help Black entrepreneurs get their products directly into the hands of consumers, without the hassle of having to pitch to retailers for placement in stores or wait to be featured on non-black online markets. The owners of We Buy Black see distribution as the logical next step in true economic independence. 


“To date, the ‘holy grail’ for Black entrepreneurs has been getting their products on the shelves of a major retailer or featured on Amazon. In either scenario, the competition is fierce and there simply isn’t room for everyone at the table. Further, big box stores and Amazon, frankly, end up taking most of the money. Without distribution, it’s simply not possible to grow and scale a business. Without the ownership of distribution channels, Black entrepreneurs are left to the whimsical mercy of others,” the company said in a statement. 

The first offering under the new distribution operations is a “Big Black Bag,” valued at $25, $50, or $100. Consumers can purchase one of these bags, filled with handpicked items from Black owned companies that run the gamut, from health and beauty products to games and clothing. With each purchase, you will receive a FREE WeBuyBlack t-shirt. 

We Buy Black is primed to give Black entrepreneurs a much needed boost and pipeline, directly to consumers. Distribution changes everything and shifts control back to our community. While many are calling for major retailers to ‘give’ shelf space to Black owned businesses, controlling distribution is tantamount to building our own shelf, kitchen, and dining room. When others control the distribution, you have to depend on their favor. When you control the distribution, however, you can’t be shut down or shutout,” the company said. 


For more information on We Buy Black’s new distribution operations and to purchase your “Big Black Bag,” visit webuyblack.com.

Congratulations! We’re heading to get our Black bag now!

Photo Courtesy of @ase.ena/Instagram



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