10 Black Artists You Should Hit The Follow Button For

For generations Black artists have used their talent to depict the Black experience, celebrate Black beauty, advocate for social justice, and create thought provoking work that starts a conversation. While amplifying the freedom of expression, Black art continues to become a movement of its own. Here are 10 Black artists you should be following on Instagram. 

1. Lobyn

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2. J. Muse

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3. Kadir Nelson

"A Day at the Beach" progress Stage III by @kadirnelson photo by @jungmiwha #newyorker

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4. Xavier Payne

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5. Frank

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6. Aaron Maybin

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7. Gelila Mesfin

8. Alim Smith

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9. Yasmeen

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10. Terrance Vann

Don't forget to add more names of Black artists in our comment section.

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