Philadelphia - Our Kids are Leaders NOT Inmates

While Philadelphia is busy laying off teachers and closing schools only to turn around and invest in a $400-million dollar prison, we're working to continue the Because of Them, We Can movement to inspire our kids to be doctors, lawyers, artists, activists, engineers, entertainers, inventors, scientists, authors, dancers - leaders not inmates.

Below are some of the beautiful kids that we photographed in Philadelphia for the Because of Them, We Can campaign.  They're destined for greatness like the individuals they're channeling and worth every  investment. Whether people systematically bet on their failure or not, we have to dedicate our time and resources to ensure their success. 

Bill Cosby, Marian Anderson, Billie Holiday, Will Smith, Ed Bradley, and countless others, including Guion "Guy" Bluford, the FIRST African-American in space, all hail from the city of brotherly love. Because of Them, We Can AND our kids WILL.



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