All The Feels: Watch This Dad, Who Was Paralyzed After Skiing Accident, Dance With His Daughter On Her Wedding Day

Photo via: ABC News 

One of the first things that crossed Chavuanne Cousins' mind when she got engaged was how she was going to "figure out" a way for her father Dorian Wills, who was left paralyzed after a skiing accident in 2007, could fully participate in her wedding, including walking her down the aisle. 

Wills, who use to hit the slopes twice a week during the winter months, also contemplated about how he was going to walk his eldest daughter down the aisle explaining, "I even thought about buying a wheelchair that actually stands you up vertically, but the investment was just too costly. I couldn't pull it off before the wedding."


However, "it wasn't a question of him not being in it," said Cousins. The two came up with a plan for Cousins' younger sister to push Wills down the aisle while he held her hand. When the wedding day came, the sweet father-daughter moment couldn't have gone any more perfectly as 120 guests watched Wills give his daughter away to her now husband, Joseph. 

Photo via: Alencia Johnson 

Their unforgettable father-daughter moment didn't stop there. At the reception, held at Asbury Hall in Buffalo, New York, Cousins and Wills shared a father-daughter dance to Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". Grab a tissue before watching the sweet moment below. 

"Since she was a little girl, I've remembered every facet, every corner, every turn, every milestone in great detail. During all these experiences, she's always been the sunshine of my life. She's made me so proud. I was thrilled to be there," Wills said. 

"I'm his oldest daughter so I'm the first one to get married and I could just see the look in his eyes. It was so special, Cousins said. 

Special, indeed. Congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds!  

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