Don't Go Obama: Parents and Kids React to His Farewell

#becauseofthemwecan #President Obama

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images 

Almost 20,000 people gathered at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois last night to watch President Barack Obama deliver his Farewell Address. Even more were glued to their television screens as Obama reflected on his last eight years in office, America’s reality, and his hope for the future. As people tuned in across the country, it was evident that many parents dismissed bedtimes to allow their children to take part in the historic moment. Here are a few of the photos and thoughts that made us feel like the future is brighter than ever before... The kid at the end summarizes how we ended the night.

"The future is in good hands." #farewellObama 😢 #dontleave

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😭😭😭💔 #farewellobama #pleasedontgo

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Did you watch the address? What did or will you tell your children?

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