Grab A Tissue: Watch Oprah Winfrey's First Look At Her Exhibit At The National Museum Of African American History And Culture

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Before the National Museum of African American History and Culture open their new exhibit called "Watching Oprah" to the public, the media powerhouse herself toured the exhibit for the first time on Wednesday with her best friend and "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King and the museum's director Lonnie Bunch III. Let's just say for Winfrey and King, the exhibit was a walk down memory lane that ended up giving them both all the feels. 

Starting with the birth of Winfrey, who was born in the year of the 1954 landmark Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education case, the exhibit connects significant moments in history to Winfrey's life. 

"I often say this. I was born at the right time. I was born when the Supreme Court ruled that segregated public schools were unconstitutional, even though things didn't turn around immediately, it was a sense of hope and change," Winfrey said during the tour. 

Photo credit: CBS News 

Then the exhibit moves into exploring Winfrey's incredible broadcasting career. From a journal entry that she wrote the night before the national debut of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to her iconic "You Get A Car!" episode. 

Photo credit: CBS News 

Reading from the journal entry, Winfrey said: "Exactly eight hours before the national first show. I keep wondering how my life will change. If it will change. What all this means. Why have I been so blessed? Maybe going national was to help me realize that I have an important work or that this work is important. I just know that I must be pressed to the work of the high calling." 

While the entire tour was special, it was the book of messages where visitors can share how Winfrey has impacted them that touched her the most.  

One entry read: "Oprah brought my family together. We would all crowd around the TV to watch a woman do what we could only dream of doing. She gave me hope that I, too, can be on TV, a strong Black woman like her." 

And another: "Oprah Winfrey is the reason I love myself so fiercely and know that my voice matters." 

Check out the full recap of Winfrey's visit of her new exhibit below. It opens to the public Friday, June 8. 

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