High School Grad Recreates Kindergarten Photo With Mom- The Result Is Priceless

Photo via: Gabrielle Yowell

18-year-old Gabrielle Yowell graduated from New Albany High School on Sunday. To celebrate the milestone, she came up with the idea to recreate the photo she took with her mother Lizzette on her first day of kindergarten. 

Recalling that day in 2004, Gabrielle said: "I remember sitting in school and I was so ready to come home. I hadn’t been with my mom all day and I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t come to school with me."

As a result, when Gabrielle's mother came to pick her up, she couldn't help but to leap into her arms. 

Photo via: Gabrielle Yowell 

The beautiful moment was captured by a local photographer from the News and Tribune and since, has held a special place in the mother and daughter's heart. It even made it the front page of the paper. 

"That was a huge deal for us," Gabrielle said. "When my mom found out, she went out and got all the newspapers. She gave copies to all her friends, co-workers, you couldn’t tell her nothing. She kept a ton for herself, though. We still have like a hundred copies in the house."

On her high school graduation day, Gabrielle's dad stepped in as the photographer to capture his daughter and wife recreating the same pose. 

Photo via: Gabrielle Yowell 

For Gabrielle, the moment was even more special because, almost two years ago, her mother battled breast cancer. 

"She fought through it and was able to see me graduate," Gabrielle said. 

Absolutely, beautiful! Congratulations, Yowell family! 

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