How Twitter Just Helped This 23-Year-Old Artist Land A Literary Agent In Less Than 24 Hours

Photos via: Twitter/ @artlessjay

When 23-year-old artist Natalage Jay Davis reached out to filmmaker Matthew Cherry via Twitter to see if there was any way she could help with his new animated short film "Hair Love", she probably never imagined that it would turn into a life changing opportunity - but it did. Davis was unable to contribute to Cherry's project monetarily, so she offered her talents. 

While contemplating about how they could collaborate, Cherry decided to use his platform to support and share Davis' amazing artistic skills with his 74,000 followers. He also encouraged others working in the creative space to hire Davis for a project. 

This isn't the first time the filmmaker has highlighted the work of a young Black creative. Back in May, Cherry shared a video created by high schooler Isaiah Howard, and pushed for people in the film industry to hire him for his impressive editing and directing skills. The tweet connected Howard with "Get Out" director Jordan Peele himself. 

For Davis, Cherry's one tweet, with the help of writer and editor Marie Bouvier, led to literary agent, Brent Taylor, signing her the very next day.  See how the incredible opportunity unfolded below. 

Davis later tweeted: "$15 to my name and an unwavering dream is all I had two days ago. To see that dream being realized....I can't even begin to describe this."

Thank you Mr. Cherry for continuously using the power of your platform to share and support the work of young artists who look like you. Congratulations, Natalage!

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