Here's The Original Photo That Inspired The Black & Beautiful Cover Of The September Issue Of 'We Are Onyx'


This month, 'We Are Onyx', a monthly beauty box specifically designed for women of color, introduced its "Generation Onyx: The September Issue" campaign with a photo of a group of beautifully melanated women channeling women featured in a 1969 Noxzema ad. The vintage ad shows different shades of Black women, who were a part of Black Beauty (a New York model agency) proudly wearing diverse Black hairstyles along with a caption that reads: "If girls with the most beautiful skin in the world wash with noxzema... why shouldn't you?" 

In a debut blog post, Editor-in-Chief Chaia Raibon explained that Onyx's shoot "revived the essence of the 'Black is Beautiful' movement of the 1960s to highlight the diversity and unapologetic fierceness among Black women." 

The powerfully recreated photo included actresses, influencers, bloggers, and women of the ONYX community. While on set, each were interviewed about their "personal beauty struggle and its effect on their self-awareness." 

Photo by: Jerome A. Shaw

Onyx is set to release ONYXGIRL profiles on all the women who participated in the empowering two-day photoshoot later this month. 

Kudos to "We Are Onyx" for using its platform to highlight the 'Black is Beautiful' movement and create a safe space for Black women to celebrate their beauty. 

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