Nicki Minaj Pledges To Pay College Tuition And Student Loans For Dozens Of Fans


On Saturday night, a fan asked hip-hop star Nicki Minaj to help pay his college tuition on Twitter, and just like that, the Nicki Minaj Scholarship Fund was born. 

When Minaj received the request, she was in the middle of promoting a contest for fans to get a chance to attend the Billboard Music Awards with her later this month. She then shifted her attention from the award show contest to a new contest that would provide financial assistance to straight-A college students.  

As requested, students started sending Minaj their transcripts and bills for verification. For almost an hour, Minaj accepted financial requests that ranged from tuition for summer college programs. 

To student loans.

To books and supplies.

To full college tuition for a young lady who was unable to receive any aid for school.

Nicki responded to more than 30 fans and promised that she would be accepting more requests "in a month or two".

Nicki, thank you for using your platform to pay it forward! 

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