Jasmine Guy And Kadeem Hardison Had A Mini 'Different World' Reunion At Texas HBCU


Last week, the iconic television couple Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert (Kadeem Hardison and Jasmine Guy) of "Different World" reunited at the homecoming of Southwestern Christian College, a historically Black college in Terrell, Texas. 

Photo Credit: Dharane Bikas and PictureGroup

Hardison and Guy went to the Texas HBCU for its community wide award celebration for winning the grand prize of the first Ford HBCU Drive2Greatness contest. The college was awarded the Ultimate Homecoming Takeover experience, worth $150,000, which the two actors helped present. 

Photo by: Lawrence Jenkins/FORD/PictureGroup 

Dwayne and Whitley first met at the fictional HBCU Hillman College, which inspired a generation to pursue higher education at historically Black colleges. That being so, Southwestern Christian College was the perfect place for Hardison and Guy to have a mini "Different World" reunion. 

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