Lucy McBath, Mother Of Jordan Davis, Wins Georgia Congressional Race

Photo via: Lucy McBath  

On Thursday morning, gun-control activist Lucy McBath was officially declared the winner in Georgia's 6th congressional district race, reports The New York Times.

The victory comes six years after her son Jordan Davis was fatally shot by a white man during an argument over loud music at a Florida gas station in 2012. The man went on to be charged with first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. 

“Six years ago I went from a Marietta mom to a mother on a mission," McBath said.

She went on to express in an Instagram post that "this win is just the beginning. We've sent a strong message to the entire country. Absolutely nothing - no politician and no special interest - is more powerful than a mother on a mission. Thank you - we still have so much work left to do." 

McBath defeated Republican incumbent Karen Handel by less than 3,000 votes. She said last month, "What I'm doing today is still mothering his legacy. I'm extending what I would do for my son to my community." 

Congratulations, Congresswoman McBath! 

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