Meet Hester Ford: She May Be The Oldest Living Person In The United States

Photo via: WBTV 

On Wednesday, a woman by the name of Hester Ford celebrated her 113th birthday. She was born in Lancaster County, South Carolina in 1905 and went on to raise 12 children with her husband, and have more than 50 grandchildren, plus over 120 great-great grandchildren. 

Although 113 years of age indicates that she was born in 1905, it is believed that she may have been born a year earlier, as birth records were not officially documented when Ford was born. WBTV reports, "But while researching her exact year of birth with her family, we came across census data that might indicate Ford, who was born Hester McCardell, might have actually been born in 1904, making her... 114-years-old." 

Furthermore, "a census recording from April 28, 1910, lists Hester as 5 years old, meaning she could have been born in 1904," WBTV added. 

If that's true, then Ms. Ford, who is already the oldest living person in the Carolinas, is indeed the oldest living American. She credits her faith for her longevity, her great-granddaughter Vanessa Hill sharing, "She put God first. She put family second and her work ethic and making sure she could survive was the third thing." 

Happy Birthday, Ms. Ford! Regardless of your exact age, 113 or 114, your longevity is an inspiration to us all. 

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