NFL Wide Receiver Andrew Hawkins Graduates From Columbia University With 4.0 GPA

Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Andrew Hawkins just became one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming an NFL general manager. 

Since the spring of 2015, Hawkins has boarded a plane faithfully every week to attend graduate school at Columbia University in New York City. He was traveling from Tampa, Florida to the big apple, but that changed this past spring semester after he relocated to Los Angeles with his wife and their three children. 

Despite having to travel from one coast to another for class, Hawkins continued to make weekly turnaround trips to Columbia to collect a week's worth of work. He would then fly back on the same day for training, homework, and parenting duties. On Monday, Hawkins got to see all of his hard work pay off. 

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Hawkins graduated with his Master's degree in Sports Management and an incredible statement on his graduation cap that read: "Just as smart as I am quick. Shuttle: 4.0, GPA: 4.0."

Right now, Hawkins, who asked to be released from the Cleveland Browns after last season, is a free agent. He still has his sights set on working in the front office one day, but in the meantime, Hawkins is directing his attention to which NFL team he'll play for next.  

Congratulations, Andrew! Thank you for being an inspiration on and off the field.   

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