Olympic Dreams Drive 10-Year-Old To Break A National Record At Track and Field Competition

Photo via: ABC News/WPVI  

A 10 year-old from Camden, New Jersey made history at the National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships last weekend when she broke a 24-year-old national age group record.

Sianni Wynn, who dreams of one day competing in the Olympics, ran the 400-meter dash in 58.7 seconds, breaking Monique Henderson's 1994 record of 59.8 seconds. Henderson later became a double Olympic gold medalist. 

"She likes to win but she wants the best for herself -- and that's amazing for a kid her age," Albert Essilfie, head coach of the Camden Track Club, told ABC News of Sianni. "I've coached for 24 years and I've seen it all, parents yelling at kids and pushing their kids. But with Sianni, all you have to say is 'Good luck! Have fun!' She goes out there for the love of it. At the race where she broke the record, she went out and ran her heart out."

Photo via: ABC News/WPVI  

Wynn is coming up on her fifth year with the Camden Track Club and has her sights already set on breaking another record next season saying, "I don't know what the record is next year, but I want to break it." 

After her historic win, Wynn's mother, Nakia Wynn said: "At this point we're just extremely excited about her accomplishment and for where it might take her in the future." 

The possibilities are endless. Keep going, Sianni! 

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