Priscilla Samey Brought Her Harvard Acceptance Letter To Prom

Photo via: Priscilla Samey

What did high school senior Priscilla Samey do when no one asked her to senior prom? On Saturday, she put on a prom dress that paid homage to her African culture, took the traditional pre-prom picture, and like many seniors, shared it on social media. However, instead of having a young man in a tuxedo standing beside her, Priscilla had her Harvard college acceptance letter in the photo representing her prom date. 

Priscilla tweeted: "Couldn't find a man to accept me for prom so I took a college that did #Harvard2021 #prom2k17".

The Minnesota 17-year-old also received college acceptances from a total of seven Ivy League schools: Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania. This fall, Priscilla, an aspiring lawyer, will be attending Harvard University on a full ride scholarship.

Congratulations, Priscilla! Your individuality and academic excellence is an inspiration to us all. 

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