#RelationshipGoals: 5 Couples Who Proved Black Love Can Stand The Test Of Time

Every Valentine's Day, millions of people celebrate the love they share with people they hold dear, whether it be a significant other, a friend, or family member. This year, we want to remember and highlight a few couples whose love and commitment to one another have showed us real relationship goals and proved that Black love can stand the test of time. Here are 5 couples whose love remains an inspiration to us all. 

1. Legendary entertainers and activists Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. These two got married in 1948 and went on to share 56 years of marriage.

2. Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher. In 2008, the Fishers set a new world record for longest married living couple. Before Herbert passed away in 2011, the two had been married for 86 years. 

3. Duranord and Jeanne Veillard. The Viellards got married in 1932 and celebrated over 80 years of marriage in 2015. 

4. Chuck Berry and his wife Themetta "Toddy" Suggs. The couple, who got married in 1948, will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary next year. 

5. Moses and Evelyn Smallwood. This beautiful couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last year. 

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