The 13-Year-Old Who's Bringing Black Girl Magic To The Football Field As Her School's Starting Quarterback

Photo via: Fox 2 Now St. Louis 

Nevaeh Spillman attends Maple Park Middle School in North Kansas City, Missouri, where she's blazing a trail as the only girl player on her school's football team. Her position? Starting quarterback. 

While Nevaeh has been playing football since the early age of four, this is the first time that she has played for a school, as she usually plays in leagues. Nevertheless, she has gone on to become a leader and major asset to the team.  

"It doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or boy quarterback. It matters what you do on the field," said Daivion Allen, one of Nevaeh's teammates. "Nevaeh can do a lot on the field."

Photo via: Fox 2 Now St. Louis 

The 13-year-old hopes her position and passion for the sport will inspire and pave the way for other girls who want to play football. 

"Most girls don't get recognized for playing this kind of sport, so when you hear people talking about you, it makes you feel good," Nevaeh told WDAF

She continued: "I'll take my helmet off afterwards to shake hands, and it's, 'Oh, that’s a girl. Their quarterback is a girl.' They are shocked, but I think they think it's pretty cool a girl plays football."

We do too! Keep blazing your own trail Nevaeh! 

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