There's A New Mr. Clean In Town And It's A Black Man

For nearly 60 years, the iconic Mr. Clean image has always been of a muscular, bald white man with pearly whites and a gold earring. As a way to diversify the face of the brand, Procter & Gamble decided to choose a new face in its "The Next Mr. Clean"  contest that didn't resemble the original cartoon. His name is Mike Jackson, who will serve as a year-long stand in for the original version of Mr. Clean.

Photo credit: Mike Pont/WireImage

“It’s definitely a dream come true to become the next Mr. Clean. While it’s impossible to replace the iconic Mr., I’m excited for this opportunity to help people tackle the most seemingly impossible messes while he’s away ... and have some fun!”

Photo credit: Mike Pont/WireImage

Jackson will make his debut as the new face of Mr. Clean at the Super Bowl this weekend, plus he will be featured in the 2017 Mr. Clean limited edition calendar.

Congratulations, Mike! We look forward to even more representation of African Americans in the advertising industry.

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