This Adorable Baby Boy Is Gerber's 2017 Spokesbaby

Photo via: Parents Kristen and Devin Shines 

The results are in! 7-month-old Riley Shines from Lewis Center, Ohio has been selected at the 2017 Gerber Baby. Since 2010, when Gerber first launched its annual baby photo search contest, the company has received a cuteness overload from thousands of hopeful parents who want their children to win the “Gerber Baby” title. The contest was created in honor of the very first Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, whose baby photo has been used on the brand’s logo for almost 90 years.

In 2011, the famous brand finally decided to reflect more racial diversity throughout their advertising to represent the diverse society in which we live in. Baby Riley is the fourth baby of color to win the contest, as he follows 2010 winner, Mercy Townsend, 2012 winner, Mary Jane Montoya, and 2015 winner, baby Isla. 

Riley’s mom Kristen said of the contest: "Originally, my husband laughed at me for entering the contest because there were so many submissions! Now, we have the opportunity to start a college fund for our beautiful baby boy.”

Every winner receives a $50,000 prize, $1,500 in Gerber clothes, and of course, get to appear in a 2017 Gerber ad.

 Photo via: Parents Kristen and Devin Shines

Go, Baby Riley! We already know your debut as a Gerber baby is going to be a complete cuteness overload. 


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