#WCW: The Women Of The Black Ivy Pre-Law Society At Cornell University

What did Cornell University students Samantha Camy and Lydia Anglin do after they noticed the lack of organizations geared towards supporting students of color who want to pursue a career in law on their college campus? They started their own organization called the Black Ivy Pre-Law Society, which was founded in the Spring of 2016 on four core values: ethics, equality, excellence, and economy. Through its constant communication with Cornell Law School and its Black Law Student Association, the Black Ivy Pre-Law Society seeks to provide its members with resources for academic, professional and mentorship development.

According to its website, the professional honor society is "confident that they can provide (their) members with the tools necessary for future success in a legal profession, ultimately diversifying academic institutions and the legal industry." Meet the 2016-2017 society members below: 

Samantha Camy, Founding Partner and a junior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations; hopes to one day practice labor and employment law


Lydia Anglin, Founding Partner and a junior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations; plans to pursue a career in public policy, financial services and corporate law 



Camille Edwards, Director of Internal Operations and a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences; currently studying the intersection between law, fashion and philosophy 


Jamila Bakhit, Director of Finance 



Niyyah Barber, Deputy Managing Partner and a sophomore majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations; plans to pursue a career in labor and employment law in the sports industry


Apriele Minott, Managing Partner and a junior majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations; aspires to become a criminal defense attorney


Adore Nwankco, Director of Public Relations and a junior in the School of Industrial and Labor; plans on becoming an international human rights lawyer

Go, ladies! Thank you for using your platform to create an organization that supports and empowers aspiring Black lawyers. Charlotte E. Ray, the first African American woman lawyer, would definitely be proud! 

All photos via The Black Ivy Pre-Law Society Facebook Page. 

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