‘Abbott Elementary’ Creator Quinta Brunson Partnered With GMA To Surprise A Philadelphia Teacher


February 28, 2022

Black educators matter!

Quinta Brunson partnered with Good Morning America (GMA) to surprise a Philadelphia elementary school teacher, GMA reports.

Brunson is the creator of “Abbott Elementary,” a new sitcom based on a group of Philadelphia public school educators that’s been capturing the hearts of viewers everywhere. Brunson said she wanted to create a show based on her own personal experiences, that was relatable and depicted “what teachers really go through while also having heart and humor.” 


To date, the series has made history as the first ABC comedy to quadruple its ratings since the initial premiere and Brunson was honored by the Philadelphia City Council for her work.  Recently, Brunson teamed up with GMA to surprise a phenomenal third-grade teacher in Philadelphia who reflects the values so many hardworking public school teachers possess. Xiomara Robinson, a teacher at Benjamin B. Comegys Elementary School, was shocked to be honored for all she does with her students to make sure they feel seen. 

“I don’t see it as a job but I see it as a privilege, to be able to help them become who they can really be,” Robinson told reporters.


That dedication pays off, one of Robinson’s students, Maya Hughes, telling reporters how much she aspires to be like her.

“When she was teaching me, I was like, ‘Oh wait, I can be a teacher,” said Maya.

Robinson and all the teachers at Comegys expressed the truth in much of the Abbott Elementary series, saying they could actually benefit from more resources and supplies in the classroom. 


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Brunson and GMA made sure that wish was granted, Scholastic donating $20,000 worth of books for students, Wells Fargo gifting $40,000 towards the school and Staples donating a truckload of school supplies that included paper, pens, markers, printers and dry erase boards.


“My mother was a teacher and just being influenced by amazing teachers, I got to really see what it is they do for their students. My mom didn’t stop working sometimes until like 8 o’clock at night just to wake up at seven and do it all over again, so it’s exciting to be able to give just one teacher something beautiful and I’m happy we can do that with ‘Abbott’ as well…To be a part of something like this because of the show…right now, it’s just, it feels fantastic. I feel humbled,” said Brunson.

Principal Rauchaun DuPree said that she was grateful for the support, noting that the funds from Wells Fargo will go toward AV equipment for students. Brunson and GMA also surprised the school with a special curated mural from Mural Arts Philadelphia. 

“This is amazing…this is something that will really help us when we’re talking about equity,” said Principal DuPree.


Robinson said she’s grateful to be recognized and had no clue of the surprises she would receive that morning. 

“Thank you so much! You are all good at keeping secrets,” said Robinson.

Congratulations to the entire Comegys Elementary School!


Photo Courtesy of Good Morning America

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