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Meet Jonah Larson, The 11 Year Old Crochet Prodigy

Meet Jonah Larson, The 11 Year Old Crochet Prodigy

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11 year old Jonah Larson, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has gained global notoriety for his crocheting, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

The 6th grader began crocheting when he was just 5 years old, after finding a crochet hook in a craft box. Jonah’s mother, Jennifer Larson, said that after watching a YouTube tutorial, Jonah crafted his first dishcloth in just an hour.

His love for crocheting grew from there with Jonah often making hats, scarves, mittens and blankets for his family and neighbors. Now at 11, he is marveled at by some of the most elite crocheters and has amassed a following of over 200,000 on Instagram.

Jennifer said that Jonah has always been an exceptionally gifted child. He learned to read at just 3 years old and skipped a grade after testing high on an IQ test. 

A basket Jonah made for his sister’s dolls. Photo Courtesy of @jonahhands/Instagram

“I think his mind is just always very busy, and it turned out that crocheting is something that calms him down and makes him feel good,” Jennifer told the Sentinel.

Jonah echoed his mom’s sentiments saying, “I’m a very busy thinker, and I’m always thinking of ways to do things differently. Crocheting, to me, is quiet time because it relaxes my mind. And everybody should have something to relax their mind.”

Jonah’s hobby has also helped him in school, with his teachers allowing him to crochet in class as a way to curb his boredom. Some of his classmates have even begun asking Jonah to make things for them, enamored by his ability to quickly make beautiful designs without even looking.

While Jonah has begun to sell his items, his mom reminds folks that he’s just a kid and he isn’t accepting a lot of orders. “He only has two little hands. I don’t want to overwhelm him, plus he likes to make things on his own terms,” she said.

Jonah wearing a hat he made at age 5. Photo Courtesy of @jonahhands/Instagram

But Jonah says he enjoys selling things, there just has to be a balance. “It is always nice to have your wallet full. But crocheting just what people want to buy can get repetitive, and I always want to try new things. Plus, I need to do some things for family members too. Like, my Dad is bald and needs a hat. It gets very cold here in Wisconsin, so I need to do that soon,” he told the Sentinel. 

Jonah previously spoke to the La Crosse Tribune, saying that he hopes one day to be an orthodontist or surgeon. But for now, he’s a global crochet prodigy. “I’m going to be an old man crocheting. I’m an old soul in a young person,” Jonah said. 

You can marvel at Jonah’s work via Instagram @jonahhands. 

Keep inspiring us all by doing what you love Jonah!

A Bernat EZ Alize Afghan made by Jonah. Photo Courtesy of @JonahHands/Instagram