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A Young Boy Was Surprised With Michael Jackson On Broadway And Now He’ll Never Forget His Trip To NYC

A Young Boy Was Surprised With Michael Jackson On Broadway And Now He’ll Never Forget His Trip To NYC

We know he’ll be the talk of the classroom!

Here at Because of Them We Can, we love the moments that make you feel happy inside — especially surprises. We also love the great Michael Jackson and seeing people express their love for him, such as 5-year-old Carter who dressed up as the singer for his birthday or Gabby Matsuoka, the teen who wore a Jackson-inspired dress to prom. Today, we’ve got a new feel good Michael Jackson story about Phoenix Dudley that we hope makes you feel happy inside when you’re done reading about it. 

Producer of “The Chi,” Derek Dudley and owner/founder of the Lucky Lotus Juice Bar, Chantel Jiroch, became the best parents ever after surprising their young son Phoenix Dudley with a NYC trip of a lifetime! The eager mom took to TikTok to document the adventures from the plane ride to arrival, titling the video, “I surprised my son with a trip to New York City.” The boy's mom describes him as “the biggest Michael Jackson fan.” Once they arrived, he was decked out in his best “Smooth Criminal” costume and whisked away to walk the NYC streets. The Michael Jackson stan had no clue what would come next! 

“What is that?” Phoenix asks as they walk towards the theater. As they got closer to the digital billboards, his curiosity grew stronger. “What does it say?” When the MJ: The Musical lights got brighter and clearer he began to get super excited. “What is it?” his mom asked him. “Michael Jackson!” he yelled. The surprise was clear: the young king was about to witness his favorite musical artist being played on Broadway! Once Phoenix knew he was attending the show, his turn up began. “Let’s go!" he said as he danced to the Michael Jackson hits that were being played outside as they waited for entry. He was so pumped that he asked his mother if he could go on stage. When the show began, he was sitting on the edge of his seat and screaming with excitement. From the looks of it, he could even recite all of the icon’s lyrics! But the surprises didn’t stop there. 

At the end of the show, Phoenix was met outside by the one and only Tony-winning, Bowie State University alum Myles Frost. Frost plays the main character, MJ, in the Broadway show. His hard work paid off; not only making his mother proud, but pleasing his university and county when he won Best Lead Actor at this year's 75th annual Tony Awards. The 22-year-old also made history as the youngest solo Tony Award winner for best lead actor in a musical. Frost greeted the young boy with his best Michael Jackson stance and Phoenix served him up one better with a spin and Michael Jackson dance moves. The video finishes with the little boy showing off his best poses to the NYC anthem Empire State Of Mind, and photos of Phoenix and Myles. All in all, this little boy had a great trip to NYC, an experience he’ll never forget. Shoutout to these dope parents for the surprise and you know how we feel about Black boy joy…WE LOVE IT!

MJ: The Musical is a family show, recommended for children 8 and up. The show has received a great response since its opening on February 1st. People left reviews describing the musical with words like “genius,” “gorgeously executed,” and an “adrenaline rush of a show.” People are also praising Myles Frost for his realistic dancing and acting. 

To learn more about the show or purchase tickets visit the site here.

Photo: Instagram/ChantelJiroch