The Negro Baseball League

Historic Baseball League

The Negro baseball league was a league designed for African Americans after they were denied access into the White teams. In those days Blacks and Whites were separated and many people wanted to keep it like that. 

In 1920 the Negro Baseball League was officially started by Andrew Rube Foster and other Black team owners who Foster convinced to come together. He had played baseball before and was owner for the Chicago American Giants. The league slogan was “We Are the Ship, All Else the Sea” –  the American Giant having over 200,000 people attend games that next year!

The league survived for a long time and many fans went to the games. However because of the Great Depression many of the independent teams could not go on. After the depression, the new Negro League was started. Once Black players begin to finally be allowed to play professional baseball in the MLB (Major League Baseball) with white teams, the Negro Baseball league ended after some time.

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