George Washington Carver

Agricultural Scientist & Inventor

George Washington Carver is known to many as the inventor of peanut butter, but that is actually not true! He did create over 300 uses for the peanut including paper, oils, dyes, and even soap just to name a few. He was also the first African American to have a degree from college in Science. 

Carver liked plants and gardening from a young age. Even as a child he would help farmers with their gardens. He eventually went to school to learn more land, plants, and the science about how to use plants. This is called agricultural science. 

After he graduated from Iowa State University he worked at Tuskegee university for the rest of his life. He was in charge of the school’s garden and designed a program to teach students about plants and how to use them, improve them, and find out more about what they could do.

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