Spike Lee

Black Filmmaker & Oscar Winner

Shelton “Spike” Lee was born in Atlanta, GA but at a young age he moved to Brooklyn, New York. He attended Morehouse, and was also able to take classes at Clark Atlanta University, where he started to develop his film making skills and then he continued developing those skills at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts. 

In 1980 he made his first film and by 1986 he made She’s Gotta Have It, the success of which  helped him to start his own production company. His next movie that was called School Daze was inspired by his college experience.

Spike Lee has created many films, most of which are about African American experiences. His movies helped people to have conversations about what was going on in the lives of Black people and some of the issues that they faced. Lee also made different types of films and he even made documentaries, comedy shows, and even music videos.

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