This Artist Is Weaving Real Hair into Empowering Portraits of Black Women

She’s taking creativity to another level! Meet Tyler Clark, a visionary artist who has taken the world of 3D art by storm, masterfully intertwining the most important aspect of Black women’s beauty, their crown. Tyler beautifully captures the essence of Black women and transforms their portraits into profound representations of strength, culture, and identity. View […]

Freedom Schools Open In Florida To Teach Black History

We can educate ourselves! Florida has been in shambles since the state’s Board of Education released a new African American history curriculum for students in grades K-12 revising slavery as something that benefitted Black people, Bay News 9 reports. The curriculum is the latest in efforts from local Republican leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis […]

5 Must-See Exhibits In Celebration Of The 50th Anniversary Of Hip-Hop

  Hip-Hop started out in the heart! On August 11, 1973, a party curated by DJ Kool Herc at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, New York marked the beginning of our beloved Hip-Hop. The genre’s name was coined by Keith “Keef Cowboy” Wiggins of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five who first cemented the […]

Larry Taylor, The First Black Jockey To Ride At Remington, Is Returning As A Trainer

He’s looking to make history again! According to the Paulick Report, Larry Taylor is a former jockey who first got his start more than three decades ago. An Oklahoma native, Taylor accomplished a lot during his time on the track, boasting 14,257 mounts, 1,629 wins, and $17 million earned during his riding career. Taylor made […]

Meet Mr. Don, The Heart and Soul Behind Hubbard Mansion Bed and Breakfast

He is such a sweet soul! In the heart of the vibrant city of New Orleans, amidst the historic charm of St. Charles Avenue, lies a place that stands as a beacon of history and hospitality. Don Hubbard, affectionately known as “Mr. Don,” is the remarkable owner of the only Black-owned bed and breakfast that […]

Meet Kitty Black Perkins, The Creator Of The First-Ever Black Barbie

She served as chief designer for more than 30 years! The new BARBIE film starring Issa Rae, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling just hit theaters this past week and while everyone has entered the Barbie-verse, we want to take some time to reflect on the creator of the first-ever Black Barbie, Louvenia “Kitty” Black Perkins.  A […]

Here’s Why More People Should Be Talking About Salehe Bembury

He’s leaving footprints in the culture! If you’re not into sneaker culture, the name Salehe Bembury may not mean anything to you, but as we look into the next generation of Black history makers, he’s definitely one that should be a household name. A New York native, Bembury holds a degree in industrial design from […]

Representation Matters: Megan Piphus and the Joy of Wash Day on Sesame Street

In a world where representation will always matter, the impact of diverse media cannot be underestimated. One such inspiring example is Megan Piphus, a talented ventriloquist, who made history as  the first Black woman puppeteer on Sesame Street. Piphus recently posted the behind-the-scenes of a heartwarming episode of Sesame Street, showcasing the joy of wash day for […]

Four-Year-Old Poses As Princess Tiana In Viral Birthday Photoshoot

We’ve discovered the next Disney Princess and while she may not rule a kingdom just yet, her charm is undoubtedly ruling the internet. Recently on Facebook, a digital creator by the name of “Pretty Pretty” posted a series of photographs to celebrate her daughter, Samira Rose’s, 4th birthday. The birthday girl, radiant in her cream and […]

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