‘High on the Hog’ Returns for Season 2

High on the Hog is back! The Netflix series from Stephen Satterfield, which explores generational conversations among Black people through food, has returned for a second season. In the first episode of Season 2, the series showcases the defining influence of African ingredients on New Orleans’ signature dishes and explores how the Great Migration inspired […]

Renowned Food Journalist Toni Tipton-Martin Releases New Book of Cocktails

Toni Tipton-Martin is chronicling how Black people contribute to American cocktail culture. Tipton-Martin’s new cocktail book, Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs and Juice: Cocktails From Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks, shares 200 years of African American drinking history. “This is really a work of investigative journalism. It’s not just a book of cocktails,” Tipton-Martin, a James […]

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