They Taught Us: 12 Things We Learned From The Obamas These Last 8 Years

We asked our Facebook and Instagram community to share what they’ve learned from President and First Lady Obama. The response was overwhelming. Check out a few of our favorites below and add your very own to our comment section.  1) “I learned that true ‘civil servants’ still exist and truly care about their constituents. The […]

Don’t Go Obama: Parents and Kids React to His Farewell

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images  Almost 20,000 people gathered at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois last night to watch President Barack Obama deliver his Farewell Address. Even more were glued to their television screens as Obama reflected on his last eight years in office, America’s reality, and his hope for the future. As people tuned in […]

Did You Get A Golden Ticket to President Obama’s Farewell Speech?

Forget tickets to the Super Bowl or the Golden Globes, the hottest tickets currently circulating are tickets to President Obama’s Farewell speech this upcoming Tuesday in Chicago. They were distributed early this morning on a first come – first served basis at McCormick Place; the same place where Obama delivered his re-election victory speech in 2012.  While everyone wasn’t […]

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