Alcorn State University Elects Jordan Buck As First Woman SGA President In 17 Years


April 11, 2023

She wants to be an example for other young women!

Jordan Buck is an agriculture business management major at Alcorn State University, Alcorn.edu reports. An active student, she’s served in a number of capacities at Alcorn working on various committees and serving this year as junior class president, spearheading student engagement, launching community service initiatives and finding ways to give gratitude to staff and faculty with events like “cafeteria workers appreciation day.” Now Buck has made history, as the 2023-2024 Alcorn State Student Government Association president, the first woman SGA president elected in 17 years. 

“It feels great to be a representative for my fellow student body. I campaigned all week, introducing myself and my platform to the student body. I hope that my delivery was received. I have many goals for the campus, but my main goal is to ensure the students…that their voice, questions, and concerns matter!,” said Buck. 


Her campaign, “L.E.A.D.I.N.G, A Path We Can All Follow,” outlined Buck’s plans to be a leader the student body can depend on, fostering relationships with her peers by listening, taking accountability and setting goals she plans to meet. Buck credits her time as junior class president with preparing her for this moment, hoping to continue her previous initiatives while also improving student engagements, healthy food options, providing monthly newsletters, collaborating with other HBCUs, implementing mental health days on campus and collaborating with campus safety to ensure safe and effective emergency plans. 

“Serving as junior class president has truly prepared me for this position. I am not perfect, and things may not always go as planned, but I will strive to lead selflessly and to the best of my ability,” Buck explained. 

Former SGA president Christopher Epps congratulated Jordan on her newly elected appointment. He said he knows the “student body will be in good hands,” for the next school year, saying that Buck “exemplifies what structured leadership is supposed to look like.”


As the 66th SGA President, Buck hopes that she can inspire other young women to follow in her footsteps and really set a precedent for leadership that students can follow for years to come. 

“It has been a while [since the last woman president], but I am dedicated and prepared. I have no doubts about my capabilities, but hearing ‘2023-2023 SGA President Elect’ behind my name is an amazing feeling. My goal is to always lead by example and shine an inspirational light on myself, the student body, and the campus of Alcorn State University. Hopefully, the next female SGA president is inspired enough to know she does not have to wait ten-plus years to run for this position,” Buck explained. 

Congratulations Jordan! Keep raising the bar high!


Cover photo: Alcorn State University elects Jordan Buck as first woman SGA President in 17 years. Photo Courtesy of Alcorn State University

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