Allison Madison Makes History As Mound City’s First Woman & African American Mayor


April 7, 2017

Photo courtesy of KFVS

This week, Allison Madison added her name to the history books as the first woman and first African American to be elected as mayor of Mound City, Illinois. If you couldn’t tell already from the picture, the new mayor-elect couldn’t be more excited to blaze her own trail in Mound City politics. “It’s history,” said Madison. “Now that part, that’s amazing, that’s just awesome to me and I guess I’m happy about that!”

Before making her bid for mayor, Madison was hesitate to enter politics, until she thought to herself “‘okay, I’ll just try this to see what can I do’. To see if I can make a difference in the town.” Madison went on to make her bid and post campaign signs in the yards of her supporters. On Tuesday, she not only won the election, but she made history as well. 


Eager to get work as the city’s new mayor, Madison hopes that her victory will inspire young people to believe in the endless possibilities. “You can do this.” Madison said. “Nothing can stop you but you – you can do this; you can be who you want to be.” 

Congratulations, Mayor-Elect Madison! Thank you for showing the next generation what can happen when you go after your dreams. 

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