Darryn Peterson Makes History as First High School Basketball Player to Sign With Adidas


by Veracity Savant

November 27, 2023

He already has 30 D-1 scholarship offers!

Darryn Peterson is the top-ranked guard in the class of 2025 at Huntington Prep in Canton, Ohio, Black Enterprise reports. A 6 ‘5 guard, Peterson already has 30 D-1 scholarship offers in his junior year, averaging 31 points and nine rebounds during his sophomore season. Now, the 16-year-old has made history, becoming the first high school basketball player ever to sign with Adidas. 

The deal is huge for high school athletes as NIL deals continue to elevate the opportunities for young prospects. While many major deals have focused on college stars like Angel Reese and Shedeur Sanders, there are still opportunities for high school stars. However, Peterson’s deal is the first of its kind from a shoe company for a player who hasn’t even entered into their senior year, setting a major precedent for future generations.


“The deal gives me the opportunity to take my brand to the next level and spread it around the world…It means a lot. For Adidas to choose me out of all the high school basketball players in the world? For them to take a chance on me is a big deal. It’s an honor and a blessing,” Peterson told reporters. 

This is not the first time the brand has broached the topic of signing a high school star. In 2003, Adidas Basketball famously tried to sign another Ohio athlete, LeBron James. Unfortunately for them, James chose the $87 million fully guaranteed contract with Nike over Adidas and Reebok’s offers. Much like Peterson, James had also received more than 30 offers from college teams, choosing instead to enter the NBA draft straight from high school. While that’s not an option for the budding star, he may consider playing for the G-League Ignite instead of playing a year in college before declaring for the draft. 


Still, Peterson said he’s keeping his options open and staying grateful despite the many opportunities pouring in. His advice for other young athletes is to stay focused on your dreams.  

“Keep the main thing the main thing. Focus on whatever that dream is, and the business part will come with it. Don’t let that drive you. Stay humble and be self-motivated,” said Peterson. 

Cover photo: Darryn Peterson Makes History as First High School Basketball Player to Sign With Adidas/Photo by @AdidasBasketball/Instagram


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