He Just Opened The First Black-Owned 7-Eleven In Nevada


May 6, 2021

Free Slurpees for the culture!

Johnathan Lacy is making history as the first Black owner of a 7-Eleven store in Nevada, Fox 5 Vegas reports. He didn’t set out to make history; he just focused on making a dream of his a reality, saving up all the money he could to invest in his business. 


“What I did was just save every dollar I got, and I put everything I had towards it. My family came together. Gave me jobs here, gave me jobs there, just to keep me going,” Lacy said.  


He didn’t realize he would be the first Black owner in the state until after 7-Eleven officials notified him. 

“I started asking around to executives, and they were like, ‘Yeah, I don’t think we have anyone else of color in that situation,’” he said. 

Lacy’s journey is fulfilling but was not without its share of struggle. He had to save his own money because he kept getting turned down by lenders. 


“A lot of people won’t take that chance on you. Especially being 30 years old and not having a million-dollar mansion in my name,” said Lacy. 

Knowing that he put his blood, sweat, and tears into opening up his store, located on Pecos Road and Tropicana Avenue, made it that much sweeter. Lacy took to social media to share the news. 

“I sacrificed it all. Put all the bread in one basket. No investors. No outside money. Now I am the first Black owner of a 711 franchise in the state of NEVADA! Blessings,” he wrote. 


The Vegas entrepreneur hopes his story will inspire other people of color to become entrepreneurs. 

“I hope it leads to more businesses being opened by African-Americans as well as women, minorities, and everybody. Hopefully, we can all have a hand in establishing ourselves,” said Lacy. 


Lacy is currently accepting employment applications for his store and has plans to expand, hoping to open three or four more 7-Eleven stores in the Las Vegas area.

Congratulations, Johnathan!

Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Sun


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