Houston Entrepreneur Creates World’s First Built-In Retainer for Mouth Grillz


by Veracity Savant

September 14, 2023

It’s already patent pending!

Chriss Rogers is a serial entrepreneur best known for her Shop Chriss Zoe clothing brand — which she successfully ran for eight years before shutting it down in 2020, AfroTech reports.

The brand was popular among the fashion girls. And with Rogers serving as both owner and model, her face became synonymous among influencer circles, as well.

Still, never one to box herself in creatively, Rogers returned the following year with a new brand. And this one is even more versatile than the first. In 2021 she launched Ease. And with it came a new flagship product — a first of its kind protective mouth grill. 

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A native of Houston, Rogers grew up in the “grillz” culture embedded in the South. While popular among everyday Houstonians and celebrities alike, the customized mouth jewelry can wreak havoc on a person’s teeth, something Rogers decided to solve for. 

“I found myself in a space where I wanted to create something that’s never been done before,” she told reporters. 

So after packing up and relocating to Los Angeles, CA, she landed on something that was both familiar to home and unique to her new city. It is a patent-pending invention she describes as a built-in retainer for mouth grills. 


The oral accessories are currently available under the Ease brand. They come in multiple designs and are designed with a sleek feature that guarantees protection for your teeth against the metal exposure that comes with mouth grills.

Roger revealed that her newest venture is primarily self-funded. But she was able to receive a small business loan during the pandemic that helped her successfully launch. And she added that sales remain consistent. 

She’s sold about 100 of the protective mouth grills since her June 2023 release, each priced starting at $130.

When customers go on the site, they can customize the retainer to fit their design, color, and finish. Then they are sent a DIY Dental Impression Kit — which includes a step-by-step guide for how to make your own dental impression. Once Ease receives the impression, it begins work on the customized protective mouth grill made up of medical grade materials providing optimal coverage. 


“The Protective Mouth Grill is not just a practical protective device but also a fashion statement. You are able to design your own in a variety of stylish designs, colors, and finishes, allowing you to express your individuality while keeping your teeth safe. Whether you prefer a sleek metallic look, vibrant hues, or even custom engravings, EASE offers a wide range of options to match your personal style,” a statement on the website reads. 

Ease’s mouth guards are designed for everyday wear and can be easily popped into place and removed for cleaning. Currently they offer protective oral accessories for new and current grills that vary in price, with flexible payment options. For Rogers the product is game-changing and something she hopes those who fancy mouth grills take advantage of.

It’s an investment in the health of your teeth on the front end that can save you a world of pain and paper on the back end. 


“I’m very excited for [this] because [it] changes the world of dentistry. Dentists are reaching out to me and they are excited about the product,” said Rogers. 

To learn more about the brand or to purchase your protective mouth grill, visit www.easethebrand.com.

Photo by Chriss Rogers/Ease the Brand


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