Jacksonville Student Makes History, Becoming First Black Person To Be Elected As Senior Class President


December 11, 2020

Congratulations are in order!

A Jacksonville, Florida student is making history after becoming the first Black person elected as senior class president, First Coast News reports. 

Rodney Wells is a senior at Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Despite the pandemic, the school year forges on and with it, traditional high school activities, including a senior class president’s election. Wells threw his name in the hat as a potential candidate, despite the apprehension of his friends.


“My friends said, ‘You aren’t going to win. You’re running against two very popular people,’ so I took it as a challenge,” Wells said. 

With school being held virtually, Wells had to get innovative about his campaign strategy. Still, he was unwavering in his commitment, recruiting many of those same doubters as allies to help him win the election. Together, the team made yard signs and stickers that they used to post all around the school and community. When the results came in, and all the votes were counted, Wells had won the election, becoming the first Black student to hold the title of senior class president. 

Wells said he was thankful to win, not only for himself but what it means for the school going forward. “Being able to break the glass ceiling for other students, I’m definitely grateful,” he said. 


He hopes that his election will help make a difference at Bishop Kenny and beyond, spilling out into the community. The aspiring civil rights lawyer said he wants young people to know that you can make a difference at any age.

“I like to consider myself a self-starter for sure [but] I think anybody is able to make a difference no matter what age,” Wells said.

Congratulations, Rodney!


Photo Courtesy of Jacksonville.com

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