Joy Sewing Becomes First Black News Columnist At Houston Chronicle


January 11, 2024

Change is on the horizon for Houstonians in 2024!

Joy Sewing, a Houston native and seasoned journalist, is set to become the first Black news columnist in the 122-year history of the Houston Chronicle, marking a momentous stride toward diversity and representation in the field, the publication reports.

Known for her insightful perspectives on people, particularly those of color, and her explorations of cultural topics shaping the city, Sewing’s transition to a news columnist role reflects the Chronicle’s commitment to providing a more inclusive and nuanced narrative for its readers.

In her new capacity, Sewing will cover a range of critical issues affecting Houstonians, including social justice, politics, education, healthcare, and inequity. The Houston Chronicle notes that she aims to engage readers in collective efforts to address societal wrongs and uplift communities, utilizing her platform to foster positive change.


Joy Sewing’s unique background and personal experiences will further enrich her columns. As a foster parent turned adoptive mother of two, she has extensively shared her insights into navigating the Texas child welfare system. The Houston Chronicle highlights her pivotal role as the lead journalist covering Houston’s response to the tragic murder of George Floyd, showcasing her dedication to covering critical events that shape the city’s narrative.

Acknowledging her multifaceted identity, Sewing’s columns are expected to draw from her own life experiences. Beyond journalism, Sewing is recognized as the author of “Ava and the Prince: The Adventures of Two Rescue Pups,” a children’s book narrating the tales of her own rescue boxer dogs. Additionally, she is the founder of Year Of Joy, a nonprofit dedicated to providing educational and cultural experiences to children from underserved communities.

Joy Sewing’s journey is not confined to her role at the Houston Chronicle. As a former competitive ice skater, she achieved the distinction of becoming Houston’s first African American figure skating coach during her college years, demonstrating her drive to break barriers and make history.


Photo Credit: Joy Sewing is taking on a new role as a Houston Chronicle news columnist. / Joy Sewing

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