Louisville Brothers Open The First Black-Owned Bourbon Distillery In Kentucky


July 22, 2021

They’ve come back to make a difference!

A group of Louisville brothers just opened the first Black-owned bourbon distillery in the state of Kentucky, WKYT reports. 

Bryson, Chris, and Victor Yarborough were born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, eventually leaving the city to serve in the U.S. Army and travel the world. When the brothers decided they wanted to start a business, the trio knew they had to come back home if they were going to leave their mark.


“If we’re going to come back to start a business, we’re coming back to this area. We believe we have something of value to add,” Bryson said.

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Brough Brothers Bourbon was named in honor of their family name and their Louisville ties. The Yarborough brothers started it in London, England, operating as an export company selling bottles on Amazon. Their first full barrel of bourbon was crafted in 2020, showcasing a European-style bottle boasting Kentucky nostalgia.

“We have representation of the horse racing industry, boxing, the bourbon industry, the skyline, and wildlife,” Chris said.

Now the trio has returned home, opening a distillery in the Park Hill neighborhood of Louisville and making history as the first Black-owned bourbon distillery in the state. Each brother has their role, Bryson operating as the head distiller, ensuring the barrels are prepped and filled before turning them into bourbon. Not only are they creating a great product, but the brothers are also hoping to drive revenue to West Louisville. Bryson said he’s proud of the work they’re doing and even more excited for the future.


“One side is, we’ve come a long way. The other side is, we have a long way to go,” he said.

No matter what, they know they’ll have each other to lean on through the process.

“Every move that I make, I have the full support of my brothers right beside [me]. That’s an exciting feeling,” Chris said.


Together, the three are shaking up their hometown and bringing a new kind of culture to the state.

“It was always the goal and point to bring our product back to Kentucky. We just wanted to see the love we would receive throughout the world,” Chris said.  

Brough Brothers Bourbon is located at 1460 Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky.


Congratulations guys!

Photo Courtesy of @BroughBrothers/Instagram

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