Michael Hall Makes History As First Black Deputy Fire Chief in Paterson, New Jersey


by Paulina Isaac

January 23, 2024

Congratulations are in order!

Michael Hall is now the first Black deputy fire chief in Paterson, New Jersey, after being sworn into the position on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

“I was never perfect doing the job, but anybody up there can tell you I always tried to do it the right way,” he said, Hall told CBS News.


Deputy Chief Hall’s family was beside him during the momentous occasion.

“He was very smart, and he wanted to make sure that not only did he come home safe, but made sure that his guys came home safe, too,” wife Jovana Hall said. His mother, Edie Holland, added, “If I don’t shut up, I’m going to start crying right now. I’m just so proud. I’m so very proud.”


To say Deputy Chief Hall has had a historic career thus far would be an understatement. He’s been a firefighter for 23 years, and his first day on the job was September 11, 2001. “And at that point, I wanted to get out. I wanted to leave,” he said. However, he ended up staying and having a successful career.

“Everybody stayed. And here we are, most of us, 23-plus years later, still doing this. So I’m glad it worked out,” Michael said.

(Cover photo: Michael Hall/Credit by WABC)


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