11-Year-Old Starts Candle Business To Save Tuition For His Dream School - Howard University

11-Year-Old Starts Candle Business To Save Tuition For His Dream School - Howard University

He was born with an entrepreneurial spirit!

An 11-year-old started his own candle business to help pay his way to Howard University.

Hart Wilson is the owner of Candles From The Hart, a handmade candle company he started from the ground up. The inspiration began after a trip to Howard University when Hart was just 6-years-old. It was then that he decided the D.C.-based HBCU was his dream school. He decided if he were ever going to have a chance at going, he would have to find a way to make some money. Last year, he finally put his plan into action and began raising money to attend his dream school.

“I got on the internet and saw that people were making different things to sell to earn money, and I settled on candles. My parents and I watched YouTube videos and started experimenting with making candles, and we figured it all out, and that’s when it all started,” Hart told Because Of Them We Can

Utilizing the online marketplace Etsy for independent sellers, Hart began selling his one-of-a-kind candles, boasting scents like “Cashmere Plum,” in honor of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, “Tranquil Sea,” “Guava Fresca,” “Grapefruit and Mint,” and “Asian Pear and Basil.” He also sells wax melts and scents to put in your car. Eventually, the company started picking up some traction. 

Photo Courtesy of Candles From The Hart/Hart Wilson

The New Orleans Pelicans staff ordered a batch. Then Inda Craig-Galvan, a television writer for ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, ordered some and spread the word even more. Actress Keena Ferguson from Tyler Perry’s Sistas placed an order, and Queen Sugar actress Tracey Bonner. Before he knew it, the business was booming. Eventually, Hart started getting requests to sell his candles in stores, starting with restaurant owner Gabriel Devarssy in Chicago before expanding to local shops in Houston and then stores in his hometown of Pearland, Texas.

Photo Courtesy of Candles From The Hart/Hart Wilson

While Hart is enjoying the business, his main goal is to fund his college education and make it Howard. He’s hoping to diversify his business portfolio by then and start even more businesses. But in the meantime, he’s focused on keeping his grades up so he can prepare academically. Hart hopes his story serves as an inspiration for other young entrepreneurs and encourages them to stay motivated.

“The advice I would give other young people trying to pursue business is simple...DO IT! You can do anything you want. Don’t let anyone tell you no. Whatever you like doing, figure out a way to get paid from it and be successful,” Hart told BOTWC.

Hart is currently looking to expand his in-store sales to other cities, focusing on upstate New York as the next rollout. He was also recently featured in Biore’s Buy Black campaign, which helped raise his profile and drive sales. We can’t wait to see what this young kid does next!

To purchase your Candles From The Hart, click here.

Congratulations, Hart! The Mecca will be lucky to have you!

Photo Courtesy of Candles From The Hart/Hart Wilson