15-Year-Old North Carolina Student Publishes Series Of Letters From Black Moms To Their Sons


February 27, 2021

Such a powerful keepsake!

A 15-year-old North Carolina student just published a series of letters from Black moms to their sons, Blavity reports.

Ocir Black is a 15-year-old high school sophomore who is using his time during the pandemic to make a difference in the world. Recently, Black created and published a book entitled, “Love Letters to My Son.”


Black says he was inspired by his late grandmother, Sallie Morris-Redd, a veteran English teacher in Henry County, Virginia. She left behind a slew of letters to the family when she passed, impacting her grandson and his view of what’s possible. 

“My grandmother had a huge impact on my life. These letters were just everywhere in her house, in our house, in my uncle’s house. It’s just so treasured,” Black told reporters. 

The new book addresses racial and social justice issues, but it also touches on mental health issues as well as financial literacy, similar to the topics Morris-Redd spoke of in her letters. Black hopes the book will shine a light on the unbreakable bond between Black mothers and their sons while also helping others “gain an understanding of how mothers feel about raising their sons during a turbulent time in America.”


“Not just Black moms, not just sons, but I really just wanted people to understand the mindset that mothers are teaching their sons… No matter how smart I am, no matter what I am doing in my life, like my mom said, the first thing that people see is my skin color…It’s important for people to read and take in what these mothers are saying,” Black said.

The teen edited and published each letter himself, including one from his own mother. Black says he was overjoyed about the advice he received from moms everywhere and hopes his book resonates with people across the globe. 

JaMese Morris Black, Ocir’s mother, spoke about her son’s book, saying, “I think a primary reason why it has been so successful is because it comes from a place of true sincerity in love and support and is not a judgment zone book. It teaches without teaching.”


The budding author is already working on a second book of letters that includes the responses from sons to their mothers. 

To order your copy of “Love Letters to My Son,” click here

Congratulations, Ocir!


Photo Courtesy of @Ocirjaroninc/Instagram

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