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78-Year-Old Grandmother Is Inspiring Others To Stay Active Through Powerlifting

78-Year-Old Grandmother Is Inspiring Others To Stay Active Through Powerlifting

She can powerlift over 400 pounds!

Nora Langdon, a 78-year-old grandmother from Detroit, is inspiring others to live a more active lifestyle through powerlifting, Good Morning America reports.

Langdon is a retired realtor and now a professional powerlifter. Several times a week she’s in the gym doing various workouts and keeping her body in top condition, but it didn’t start that way. In 2007, Langdon weighed more than 210 pounds and struggled to catch her breath doing even the most menial tasks. It was then she decided to take control of her health.

“I never went to a gym or picked up anything before the age of 65. On the first day I started [going to the gym], I went home that night and told myself that I’m never going back again because it was too much for me. Then I heard a voice saying, ‘go back.’ So, I went back, and here I am today,” Langdon told reporters.

She started by hiring a trainer and lifting a broom as a barbell before moving on to heavier weights. In the past 13 years, she has proven to be one of the best powerlifters in the state in her age range, winning over a dozen state, national, and world records with the American Powerlifting Federation. As it stands, her largest record is one for squatting 413 pounds.





“I’ve beat everyone from 60 years old up to my age. I have no competition,” Langdon said.

Her trainer, Art Little, who has worked with her since the beginning, said Langdon is just getting started.

“Her next goal is to do something that’s unprecedented for her age - a powerlifting total of over a thousand pounds. It’s surprising because you’d think as someone gets older, they’d get weaker. But that’s not the case because she puts the time in the gym and works hard,” Little said.

The Detroit native says the gym is her motivation, and she’s noticed the health benefits.

“I’m strong now; I take no medication. I’m in good health. And that’s where I want to stay,” Langdon said.

She has continued to workout throughout the pandemic, preparing for her next competition. Langdon hopes her story will motivate other seniors to get active and at least try powerlifting. 

“A lot of older people just stay home, sit down and watch television after retiring. But you were born to continue until the Lord takes you away. Your body was made to exercise, and you have to keep it moving in order to stay healthy,” Langdon said.

Congratulations, Mother Langdon! You are a true inspiration!

Photo Courtesy of Good Morning America