‘Cardboard Artist’ Creates Mirror Featuring Black Heroes For Black History Month


February 28, 2021

This is neat!

An African-Canadian “cardboard artist” created a mirror featuring legendary Black heroes in honor of Black History Month, the Good News Network reports. 


Luanga Nuwame is a self-proclaimed “cardboard artist” and the owner of Zelpha Comics Ltd., a publishing company providing a variety of Nuwame’s indie comics, trading cards, board games, cardboard novelties, and custom design services. Recently, the 43-year-old inventor came up with a mirror concept featuring Black heroes to inspire children who may be experiencing depression during the pandemic. 

“For the first time in recent history, you have kids with no school interactions…and many are questioning their potential future. From there, the idea for my Reflection of Black Excellence design just hit me,” Nuwame said. 

The limited-edition design mirror features six hand-cut cardboard layers made from locally-sourced renewable material, boasting 14 legendary Black heroes collaged around the mirror. The mirrors can be mounted, and Nuwame hopes that children will see themselves reflected and be inspired to show up as their best selves by looking in this mirror. 


“I hope it can inspire at least some kids to want to be just as great as the greats. Like all my work, I make everything by hand- just me cardboard, glass, and a cutting blade in my home office,” said Nuwame. 

There are two versions, a U.S. edition with Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and Jackie Robinson. There is also a Canadian edition featuring heroes like Carrie Best, Elijah McCoy, and George Bonga. There are only 50 copies available of each edition, priced at just $49.99. If it sells out, Nuwame says he will “definitely create another edition with other great Black History legends featured around the mirror.”

To get your Reflection of Black Excellence mirror, visit www.HandmadeCardboardInnovations.com.


Photo Courtesy of Zelpha Comics Ltd.


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